Puzzler #1   *BONUS ROUND*

Using the same puzzler, fill in the blanks of the following paragraph with 13 remaining hidden words. Time yourself.... 5 minutes should do!

When President _______ called for 300,000 more men for the Union Army, Illinois men, among others, came to the _______. One of those men, Sergeant George F. Cram, wrote about his deep admiration for General William Starke Rosecrans, or _______, as he was nicknamed, which revealed the great contrast in field soldiers' sentiments for Rosecrans compared to his predecessor, General Don Carlos _______. As soldiers built Fort Thomas in Gallatin on the banks of the _______ River, they had their first experiences with hiring men into the regiment from middle Tennessee who had been former _______. Yes, learning to become a soldier was hard work for Cram and his comrades from _______. And they had to _______ their skills, but they were young and had _______ even if they were equipped with a poor quality _______. When he wrote to his Mother and Uncle _______, Cram often omitted the details of the _______ fields encountered on their journey. As supplies ran low, its detachments of troops were sent to _______ the countryside for provisions.

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