Discussion Guide

Why did Cram enlist?

Which General did Cram have unwavering support for and why?

Compare the living conditions of Kentucky and Illinois in 1863.

What famous British writer made a great impression on Cram and the choice of reading materials he wanted and why?

What were three important campsites in 1862? What legacy did these places leave on the lives of Cram and his comrades?

What were the qualities that Cram most admired in friends, comrades, and military leaders?

What did Cram think of the behaviors and policies of European countries during the U.S. Civil War?

Why was Atlanta called the "Gate City?"

Compare the treatment of Tennessee's versus South Carolina's treatment of slaves from Cram's perspective.

Discuss an example of Cram's use of metaphor or symbolism. Were they effective tools for the nature of his writing?

Where did Cram detect major human suffering on his journey?

What was Cram's attitude of Northerners' activities during 1862-63?

Besides Sherman, which Generals made lasting impressions on Sergeant Cram and why?

How did the presidential election of 1864 affect the soldiers in the field?

Compare and contrast two metropolitan areas in the Fall of 1864 - Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia.

Which comrade's death affected Cram most deeply?

Write a sample letter of how you imagine one of Mrs. Cram's letters. What does she write about and why?

What does the term, `the gentlemen's tent' mean?

Back home, who had the greatest influence on the character of George F. Cram?

Detect three examples of unsanitary health conditions in camp or field.

How did the Civil War impact the lives of the survivors?

Was Cram homesick? If so, how was it exhibited?

Do you think Cram fell in love during the war? If so, with whom?

If you could have been with Cram in one camp, one battle, or on one march for a single day, describe your choice and why.

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