While Father is Away
Through great research and documentary editing of letters, diaries, and memoirs to and from friends and family of the Civil War era, these stories offer in-depth looks into the lives of soldiers, families, and communities. The "rest of their stories" is brought to life, closing the loop on some of American history's best kept secrets.

While Father is Away: [WFIA]
The Civil War Letters of William H. Bradbury
An in-depth story of a British-American's role in the American Civil War, Bradbury's prolific letters home provide a rare window on the intimate relationships among husband, wife, and children while he was away at war. Frankfort, Bowling Green, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Nashville come alive again in Bradbury's letters home. (get more information)


Soldiering With Sherman: [SWS]
The Civil War Letters of George F. Cram
Rare among Civil War accounts. Sergeant Cram's letters home reveal an educated young man's march with Sherman's army through the Confederacy. With the 105th Illinois Infantry, Cram fought in a number of key battles, including Resaca, Peach Tree Creek, and the March-to-the-Sea. (get more information)


Both books researched and edited by Jennifer Cain Bohrnstedt

Soldiering With Sherman